Wonder Woman 1984 Credits Scene (WW84) — What does it mean?

All details revealed by the director Patty Jankins


Wonder Woman 1984 or WW84 is finally out in Cinemas in South Africa as well as the UK (Cinemas that are open anyways) giving us a breather finally after a long wait.

The first Wonder Woman did not have a post-credits scene which leads to a lot of us asking whether our director Patty Jenkins gave us a little treat this Christmas or not because well, we waited for a really long time for WW84.

The shortest answer I can give you is YES, Wonder Woman 1984 does have a post-credits scene but not the type that can clearly give hints of a 3rd Wonder Woman Movie. Jenkins had left out the scene from the Press preview of Wonder Woman 1984 citing that she did not want it spoilt for the fans but instead wanted them to experience it for themselves at first hand.

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So what is the Wonder Woman 1984 credits scene about?

According to Patty Jenkins, the Wonder Woman 1984 Credits scene is more of a crowd pleasing scene that does not provide much detail of what might be or not but just a button or kind off. Confused? Sorry.

Jenkins’ remark that the sequel’s credits scene was filmed in additional photography teases a possible desire to leave the 1984 story open for a third Wonder Woman movie (Jenkins briefly spoke about this with Collider back in December 2019) and provided some more connective tissue to Wonder Woman’s present-day DCEU story.

wonder woman 1984

Diana Prince played by Gal Gadot is living in secret (of course) in Washington, D.C. in 1984. She works at the Smithsonian as an anthropologist as Diana Prince while still doing some Wonder Woman heroics on the side, but her existence is pretty lonely. This leads to her striking a friendship with seemingly forward-thinking and very lonely awkward about to be an adversary who is a fellow historian named Barbara Minerva played by (Kristen Wiig).

Wonder Woman 1984 is in Cinemas world wide and HBO Max on 25 December 2020. However, it is already out in theaters since 16 December in South Africa and the UK.

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