Warner Bros Might have just killed movie theatres with their 2021 plan.

Warner Bros announces a bold 2017 movie release plan

Warner Bros announces a bold 2017 movie release plan. The movie world was shaken on Thursday when Warner Bros. announced a bold new release strategy for its 2021 films, they will debut simultaneously in theatres and the streaming site HBO Max, where they will play for one month.

The studio had already announced a similar policy for the superhero blockbuster “Wonder Woman 1984,” which will hit big and small screens on Christmas Day – a decision that many considered a one-off.

For die-hard cinema fans it’s hard to imagine enjoying such cinematic extravaganzas as “Wonder Woman 1984,” “The Matrix 4,” the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “In the Heights” and Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated adaptation of “Dune” on anything but the biggest screens. But Warner Bros. realized that the better plan was to make them accessible to the widest number of people.

“No one wants films back on the big screen more than we do,” WarnerMedia chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff said upon announcing the new policy.

“We know that new content is the lifeblood of theatrical exhibition, but we have to balance this with the reality that most theatres in the U.S. will probably operate at reduced capacity throughout 2021.” (Tellingly, just hours before, the country’s biggest theater chain, AMC, had announced it was selling 200 million shares of stock to bolster its liquidity.)

Warner Bros 2017 movie release plan

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