Dep. of Education will give a free 5% to some students on their end of year exams

South Africa’s Department of Education is giving a 5% helping hand to some students

The South African Department of Education has announced that it will give a helping hand to a select number of students.

According to a press statement that was released by the Department of Education, the helping hand will be in the form of extra marks to help those students secure a pass mark in up to 3 subjects. This decision comes as a result of the effects of the pandemic on local education.

Students in Grades 4 to 9 will be helped with 5% extra marks in up to three subjects to help them pass the academic year which is a 2% increase from what was given to the same grades last year to aid students.

This is guidance that’s been given to schools at a time of COVID-19 which is the most unusual year of schooling we have ever seen internationally and in SA. Learners did not have a full year of schooling.” Prof. Mary Metcalfe of Wits University said.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande said he was impressed by how University students have been getting better results now better than over the past years.

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