Tyson vs Jones: Nate Robinson, what happened in the ring man?

I hope you are still alive mate

Nate Robinson was knocked out unconscious by Jake Paul during their Mike Tyson vs Ros Jones fight and for a moment, I thought Robinson was dead.

The fight between Nate Robinson and Jake Paul was a supporting act for the return of Mike Tyson to the ring after over 15 years of absence.

Apparently, before the fight, Jake Paul promised to knock out Nate Robinson in the first round and warned Nate Robinson’s kids not to watch the match — he was the right to give the warning.

Medics had to practically rush into the ring after the former NBA player was knocked out while our hilarious commentator Snoop Dogg called it a,”A hood fight”.

Robinson, who had retired from basketball two years ago, came charging out of his corner in the first round, but he soon fell to the canvas after being clipped by a punch behind his ear.

Robinson had already suffered being suffered being floored twice previous in the embarrassingly one-sided affair.

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