Snoop Dogg’s Commentary won the fight, twitter reactions are off the charts

This article should be just full of laughing emojis only but I have to be serious

Snoop Dogg’s commentary on the Tyson Vs Jones junior fight was more interesting than the fight itself. It was like a boxing comedy special — which does not exist by the way.

Tyson and Jones went on to finish 8 rounds that ultimately ended up as a draw. However, it was our famed rapper who went on to win the boxing match because technically, it was a draw. 

Snoop Dogg’s commentary was worth remembering because his persona and touch put on a show that even NBA players and the vast majority of Twitter users who watched the boxing match suggested the legendary rapper be in one of their NBA games as a commentator.

Snoop Dogg definitely carried the whole event, he is the one really tired here — literary though before you get all worked up.

Do you remember when your uncles had that fight at the back of the family house during a family barbecue? Snoop made me remember that I saw in a movie though.

Donovan Mitchell and Dwayne Wade, some of the notable players in the NBA also had something to say worth taking note of.

Snoop Dogg also performed at the event before jumping into the commentary booth and I suppose If he wants a career in Sports commentary, he has the public’s blessing.

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