Wait Up!!! Makhadzi grabbed a male fan’s private area & nobody cares? Watch this video.

This video shows it all. The guy had a time of his life

The internet always reacts especially the Mzansi twitter streets. This time, Makhadzi grabbed a male fan’s private area during a concert when the guy was invited to dance on stage with her.

According to much of the comments around the now-viral video, Makhadzi’s actions were deeply disturbing and should be considered sexual harassment at its highest level.

The incident happened during a performance by Makhadzi where she was dancing with a male fan, she got too excited and grabbed the male fan’s crotch several times and South Africans reacted after watching what had taken place.

The top reaction and question was, “What would have been the narrative if it had been a male artist doing such to a female fan?”

What do you think?

Written by Calvin


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