5 Reasons why Rhythm City should stay on our screens. Do you agree?

etv has announced the cancellation of Rhythm City after a 13 year run

Here’s a known fact by South Africans and probably beyond its borders, Rhythm City might be canceled but the 13-year-old show is better than most shows that will still run beyond their life expectancy.

So here are a few reasons why Rhythm City should stay on our screens:

  1. The show plays more local music than all South African radio stations combined. Rhythm City is basically a music soapy that has managed to make new artists be discovered in and around South Africa.

  2.  New Actors have a chance to showcase what they have. Unlike other bunch of shows that have been running and recycling the same actors from other TV shows, our canceled etv drama has proven that there is so much talent in South Africa than we think.

  3. Rhythm City has more, “Music Live Shows” than a wholly South African province. If you have noticed, the show has live performances every Friday at either Kilowatt or at the Metropol by mostly new artists as well as well known musicians.

  4. It was/is not just a show. It is more of education as much as it is entertainment because the drama tackled issues around mental health, gender-based violence, bullying, and crime among others.

  5. Relatable – Most of the stories portrayed in Rhythm City can be easily relatable to an average South African which made the show easily one of the fan favorites on eTV.

What do you think?

Written by Calvin


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