The South African government is considering level 3 lockdown for parts of the country where there has been an increase in Covid-19 cases according to a report by the Sunday Times.

The decision to put some of the parts of the country back to level 3 came after the Minister of Health Dr. Zweli Mkhize met with local businesses and political leaders in Port Elizabeth on Friday.

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The Minister of Health said that the decision was welcomed by business owners such as owners of taverns in the region. However, the initial idea by the Minister was to put the region on level 4 lockdown but a compromise was made and stakeholders agreed to move to level 3 lockdown.

According to the Sunday Times, an ANC leader said that no decision has been made just yet. In the likely event that lockdown for Eastern Cape goes back to level 3, it would mean that there will be on-site-drinking and a strict curfew will be introduced.

When the lockdown was initially introduced, the rules included restrictions on leisure travel, social visits, on-site consumption of alcohol, businesses with more than 100 employees, and large gatherings.

These restrictions also meant that people were not allowed to leave their homes except to travel to and from work, to shop, to exercise during set hours or for emergencies. Tobacco sales and smoking were also prohibited under level 3 lockdown.

This does not mean the proposed level 3 lockdown will have rules identical to the previous lockdown as it is not clear if any of the restrictions will be applied while a decision still needs to be confirmed by the government’s National Coronavirus Command Council.

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