Joe Biden wins the US Presidential elections, celebrations across cities in the United States of America have erupted in favor of the Blue party.

It has been a whole week of vote tallying and finally, America has a new President although still referred to as President-Elect until his inauguration on the 20th of January. Joe Biden vaulted ahead in the race against Trump by winning Pennsylvania, a critical state which put him just above the 270 vote threshold.

It’s simple and clear how Joe Biden went ahead of his opponent and won the election. He flipped key states that went to Trump in 2016 which includes Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Despite Donald Trump winning Ohio and Florida, the Republican was unable to chart a path to an electoral victory.

The 2020 US Elections are significant in a lot of ways due to the record-breaking votes with most of them cast through the mail. Biden also leads by millions in the popular vote. Joe Biden selected a woman of color, Kamala Harris, a California Senator to be his running mate who has gone ahead to become the first woman — and the first woman of color — to occupy the office.

Despite the fact that this year’s elections shattered records and set new records, they were also clouded by high levels of misinformation, fears over the fate of scaled-up vote-by-mail systems, and a deadly virus that’s claimed well over 230,000 American lives. The elections generally changed the way people vote from now onwards.

While it might be really weird for a sitting President to refuse to concede defeat, it also comes as no surprise, Trump’s decision has a negative bearing on the American political climate which creates a lot of uncertainty over the next few days and probably until the inauguration day in 2021 characterized by the probability of rising political tensions and growing fears of politically-motivated violence.

While Biden has a solid plan to make a few changes surrounding issues like Climate Action and a healthcare system that would cover more Americans, his ability to put those plans into action is determined by a Democrat Senate win. However, even without the Senate, the president-elect may be capable of making a swift and critical impact where it’s most needed: the coronavirus pandemic. In the continued absence of a national plan to fight the virus and a White House that downplays its deadliness and discourages mask-wearing, COVID-19 is raging out of control in states across the country, signaling a very deadly winter just around the corner.


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