President Donald J Trump has done a huge favor to the American people by rhetorically mentioning how he plans to flag the ongoing elections as rigged in the event that he loses against his Democrat opponent Joe Biden.

Thursday night at the White House saw the Republican following up with a series of preposterous and inflammatory lies about the vote-counting process where he said, “There’s been tremendous corruption and fraud going on,”.

So lets break it down this way. Firstly, there is no absolute evidence of any wrongdoing regarding the vote-counting process currently going on. What the possibly outgoing president sees is nothing more of undoubted pain caused by the fact that well — He’s probably losing.

On election night in some States, the president held a good lead which gave him the hopes of clinching victory but as mail-in ballots started being counted, his lead was,”whittled away” as he said but there is an obvious simple explanation clear to everyone for this change. Well except to the President himself.

During the campaigns just before the elections, Donald Trump rallied so much against mail-in voting before elections which prompted few republicans voting that way which meant that most of the mail-in ballots favor his Democrat opponent Joe Biden. Now officials are counting the votes — with observers watching, contrary to another Trump lie; with both Republican and Democratic election officials participating, contrary to another Trump lie; and in accordance with the rules, contrary to yet another Trump lie.

For news networks and platforms, these relentless, bald-faced falsehoods present an almost insuperable challenge. Hashtags exhorting readers to “stop the steal” exploded in popularity after Mr. Trump used Twitter to accuse Joe Biden of trying to “STEAL the election,” and then took to television to claim baselessly that he had won and that any other outcome would constitute a “fraud.”

Television networks also are struggling with how to handle an unprecedented assault on democracy consisting of patently incorrect but newsworthy claims. Thankfully, anchors have mostly been forceful at pushing back: Fox News’s Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, among others, have set the facts straight on many of the fanciful fraud accusations.

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