Thousands of Capitec account holders woke up to different deductions from their accounts with most of them being labeled as purchases made a few hours after midnight at mostly Shoprite stores.

Nedbank has confirmed that the transactions affecting numerous Capitec account holders were a result of a technical error involving its processing of card transactions which resulted in double billing. After thousands of Capitec clients woke up to smaller amounts deducted from their accounts, Nedbank admitted that a transactional file was erroneously transmitted, resulting in the deductions.

The double-billing statement makes sense because Nedbank’s credit card machines are used at various Supermarkets countrywide. Although many of the clients affected were Capitec account holders, there were also a few Nedbank account holders in a file that was responsible for those double transactions.

“Nedbank can confirm that certain individuals were impacted by a technical error involving the processing of card transactions,” the bank said in a statement.

“A transactional file of 7 September 2020 was erroneously processed on 11 September 2020, resulting in duplicate debits. Nedbank apologizes for the inconvenience caused and confirms that the impacted individuals will be reimbursed within 24 hours.”

Capitec did not make it clear how many of its clients were affected but did say that those affected would receive a notification from the bank within the next 24 hours while the Banks IT team is working with Nedbank to resolve the matter at hand.

It’s promised to pay back the money in the next 24 hours and Nedbank has apologized for the inconveniences caused by the unfortunate incident.

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