Econet Zimbabwe just introduced a new line of smartphones to their existing stock dubbed Smart KaMbudzi. Basically, it is the most basic simple phone which you would usually use it as your second phone because it usually doesn’t have much to offer except calls and old school text messaging.

News flash, this new Smart Kambudzi is not your most basic phone. The phone runs an operating system called KaiOS which more or less characterized with feature phones like this one. This OS allows the phone to accept apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Google since the apps are also developed for this Operating System.

Apart from running these popular apps, the Smart KaMbudzi smartphone also supports Wi-Fi connections and GPS which are typical features of current expensive smartphones. According to the CEO of KaiOS, the phone comes with a KaiOS store which has 600 Apps and one of them being an Econet App that’s meant for digital skills material and other educational resources.

How much does it cost?

According to a presser that was released by Econet Zimbabwe a few days ago, the device will cost you $3000 ZWL or $30 USD. Econet is also offering up to 6GB of data when you purchase the device.

The device is called VIDA Atom and will support sim cards from other networks. This simply means you won’t be locked into using Econet only with the smartphone.

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