College Central is a video content creator startup based in Zimbabwe that is behind one of the most popular YouTube shows in the country called Wadiwa Wepamoyo.

On May 15, College Central posted on their twitter that they had lost control of their channel which was hacked, renamed to Dave Ramsey Live and all content deleted which meant they had also lost all their 60,000 subscribers as well as their views and potential revenue from their videos.

Since then, College Central went on to open another channel and reupload all their content as a contingency plan so as to keep up with viewers looking for their latest offering. Since then, the then opened channel has only managed to gain 1,500 subscribers.

Now, it seems like the Video Creators have managed to regain control of their channel as it has been renamed back to College Central and all content restored with all its views except subscriber numbers are now lower than they were before by at least 1,000.

College Central posted on their twitter the good news stating that they were assisted by someone named Lyonel Kaisi to regain control of their channel.

We have since asked College Central for a statement regarding how everything was handled so as to help others who might face the same problem in the future.

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