The company has said the drop in prices is a way to keep households connected during this difficult time by offering connectivity at cheaper prices for every user.

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Since the lockdown went into effect, Telecoms companies have seen an increase in data traffic due to increased demand derived from more people now working from home and the introduction of online learning which has seen Vodacom report an increase in data traffic by 40% while MTN by up to 86%.

The government allocated additional spectrum to all service providers to handle increased network capacity.

This new promotion is part of Telkom’s Covid-19 relief efforts to enable access to education, work and entertainment platforms, the company said.

The prices of the Telkom Unlimited Home Lite packages are:

  • 4Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R199 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R329 p/m
  • 10Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R299 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R599 p/m
  • 20Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R399 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R699 p/m
  • 40Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R499 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R899 p/m

Additionally, Telkom said they will reducing the price of existing unlimited home bundles that include a voice calling plan as well as mobile data. This product will be offered to new and existing customers who will receive the further benefit of higher speeds.

Steven White, an executive for product development and management at Telkom also said, “Telkom will be mapping existing customers on capped DSL services to Unlimited Home services to offer them better value, ensuring that loyal customers are not left behind.”

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