College Central tweeted that their YouTube channel has been hacked and renamed to Dave Ramsey Live while all their content has been deleted.

College Central is a Zimbabwean Film and Television startup that has produced quite a number of shows which have been widely circulated on social media with youtube being the main home for the startup. One of their most recent and by far the most popular show is Wadiwa Wepamoyo.

Since its launch in 2014, the channel has gained a good following with over 60,000 subscribers at the moment of writing this article producing an average of 200,000 views for its latest offering, Wadiwa Wepamoyo and a total of  3,367,267 since the show was launched.

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The hack comes at a time when the Zimbabwean Film and Television industry was just starting to show some positive indications with the type of production that College Central has been working hard for.

Losing a channel of this size means that the startup has lost its subscribers, number of views and potential revenue given that on average, the channel was earning between $400-$7000 per month from its videos.

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