Over the period that you have owned your Android device, you have probably connected to a thousand Wi-Fi networks. Some of these probably were open and most of them had passwords from your favourite coffee shop to your bar, your friend’s house, the office and at the airport. Most of these passwords were put in for you and you still remain in the dark about the details.

So what happens when you want to connect a second device but the person who connected your Android device is not around or simply can not help you out? The good news about this is that whenever you connect and each time you typed in one of these Wi-Fi passwords, your Android device saved it for safekeeping and easy access in the future.

Thankfully, you in luck today because there is a way to to get the passwords if you are on Android 10 or higher through your phone’s settings. However, for Android 9.0 Pie and below, the device would need to be rooted first for the process to work. Still interested? Follow the process below.

How to see WiFi Password on Android.

  1. Locate WiFi settings and select it (Settings –> Network & internet)
  2. Scroll Past Available Networks
  3. Select Saved Networks (You’ll see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks your phone remembers)
  4. Select the network you want to view the password
  5. Click Share (You’ll be asked to scan your fingerprint or face or enter your PIN or password.)
  6. Click the QR Code

After all these steps are followed, you’ll see a QR code that represents the network’s SSID and password. You could scan this with another device using a QR scanner if you wanted, but the password is also listed in plain text beneath the QR code, so you can copy it from there.

We will be updating this article for how to do it on Android 9.0 and below. Keep checking or bookmark this article.

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