Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payments started coming through a few days ago with the latest coming through on the 25th of April with the exception for foreigners.

When the Ministry of Labour launched the online application portal for the UIF claims, companies and individuals were required to submit a lot of requirements which made the process hard and time-consuming.

Due to these problems with the system, problems were reported with the previous application process, which saw only 136 out of 39,000 applications successfully processed. 15,755 of these applications were duplicates, and of the remaining applications, only 16,534 were in the correct CSV file format. Of these, only 136 contained the correct information, said the UIF.

A new online application portal was created to try and reduce errors faced in the previous portal which worked because there was no more need to submit a pipe-delimited CSV file as part of the application.

However, the new updated version did not completely work as there were some issues experienced. The system was made to accept a 13 digit ID number which is the South African one which now fails to take into account the fact that foreign employees are registered with passport numbers and national ID that have less than 13 numbers. This has created a system glitch that invalidates anyone without a valid 13 digit ID.

According to one foreign restaurant manager, whenever they submitted monthly UI19 forms and get confirmation of submission, details of for those who use passport numbers do not show.

This issue means that South Africans will get paid first but employers will have to send last three UI19returns showing that their employee was a contributor to UIF among other requirements like PAYE returns , proof of payments of salaries and payslips to prove beyond any reasonable doubt.

We have asked for a statement from the Ministry of Labour and we will keep updating this article when we receive a comment.

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