It is of no surprise that Google has been up to this because the company was already into payments from the moment the Silicon Valley introduced us to Google Play.

According to a statement from TechCrunch, Google is developing and testing its own Google Branded smart debit card that will also be linked to Google Pay and used to make payments, and track purchases online.


While the payment format would clearly dictate changes compared to its Apple rival (you could add money to Google’s card), many of the core concepts would remain the same. The Visa-based card would be available both as a tap-to-pay option on your phone and a physical item, with detailed tracking of what you spent and where.

Unlike Apple’s own Apple Card — which is a full-blown credit card — the Google project is said to be a debit card, with partners like Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union (the card itself is a Visa card, although Google may expand that to other payment processors like Mastercard, too.) But much like the Apple Card, the Google debit card is designed to work as a physical card and a tap-to-pay digital card on a phone, and it will offer a separate virtual card number for use with online retailers.

A Google spokesperson didn’t directly acknowledge plans for the card and instead repeated the statement it issued on the banking leak in November when it confirmed it was “exploring” partnerships for smart checking accounts in Google Pay. At the time, it mentioned that its “lead partners” were Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union, both of whom are expected to cooperate with Google on the debit card.


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