This is good news to those who understand the dangers of this move that was being lobbied by some organisations but not saying the same for the rest of the population.

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The selling of alcohol, cigarettes and fast food remains banned in South Africa. This was one of the few statements from government officials today during a media briefing on the country’s lockdown restrictions which will run until 30 April 2020.

However, there have been a few changes to some sectors of the economy such as the mines which supply Eskom with coal which it uses in Electricity generation have seen the regulations being relaxed.

Workers in the ICT industry have been given the green light to head back to work. However, this applies to workers who are responsible for the repair of core hardware infrastructure and supply essential services in and around South Africa.

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This press statement follows a report we published but was initially published by the Sunday Times which stated that the President was going to chair the command council which would discuss industry proposals which had brought to its attention.

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In the report, the proposals included an appeal from the tobacco industry, liquor industry and a call to allow the sale of fast food to resume.

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