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How to Track and get Free-To-Air Channels on all DStv Decoders

How to Track and get Free-To-Air Channels on all DStv Decoders

DStv is Africa’s largest Pay TV Satellite TV provider with over 11.5 Million Subscribers across its Major territory Africa. The platform has different packages which you can choose from when you are paying for your subscription and it all depends with affordability. But what if you can not afford any of the packages? What if you can not make ends meet during a certain period of time? Does that mean you should stop watching TV?

Not exactly because this article will teach you how to get Free To Air TV channels on any DStv Satellite receiver (Decoder). Please follow every step by step guide to avoid any mistakes which may result in your decoder not showing the Free To Air Channels.

  1. Remove the ‘LNB in’ cable at the back of the DSTV decoder.
  2. Switch ON the decoder and ignore the message on the TV screen telling you ‘there is no signal’.
  3. Press the DSTV/MENU/Blue button on the decoder’s remote controller.

While on the menu, go to ‘SETTINGS’.

  3. Select ‘NETWORK 1’.
  4. Change ‘Enable Network’ to ‘YES’.

Now you will notice that other information in the network 1 window is editable.

  1. Go to frequency and input the free to air satellite TV frequency you want to track.
  2. Go to symbol rate and input the symbol rate digits.
  3. Change the polarization to that of the satellite you want to track.
  4. Then pug in the wire from the lnb back to the decoder
  5. Go to the satellite dish and track for the signal.

After you have received the signal; select ‘SCAN THIS’.

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  1. Wait for the scanning to complete.
  2. Upon the completion of the scanning; press ‘221’ on the remote controller.
  3. Press and go to the channel ‘GRID’ and you will see the free to air channels added to the list.

Voila, you are good to go, select the channels you want to watch.

You can use Disecq with DSTV decoder if you want to connect more than 1 satellite dish, but you must input the satellite you want to watch in Disecq 1 or A.

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