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Advocate Thabani Mpofu has offered to Prosecute 3 of the Biggest Corrupt to Justice Matanda Moyo

Advocate Thabani Mpofu has offered to Prosecute 3 of the Biggest Corrupt to Justice Matanda Moyo

Over the course of the past few weeks or lets say months, the Auditor General’s office has been running extensive auditing rounds in all Government institutions uncovering huge piles of Corruption and scheming which led to the arrest of one of Zimbabwe’s Ministers Prisca Mupfumiri.

The Most recent Audit released is the NSSA Audit report which has the following people on its list.

Prisca Mupfumira

Position Held: Minister of Labour and Social Welfare

Role: She exerted pressure and instructed executives at NSSA to transact with Metbank, even when it made no business sense for NSSA to do so. She attended several meetings at NSSA where Metbank officials like Bvute and Ndebele were presented and she used these meetings t pressure the NSSA executives.

Ozias Bvute

Position Held: Group Chief Executive at Metbank

Role: Metbank got several loans and Treasury bills from NSSA on several occasions and used outside company procedure resulting in the social security organisation being potentially prejudiced over US $68 million

Robin Vela

Position Held: NSSA Board Chairman from July 2015 to March 2018

Role: Used his position to interfere and pressure NSSA management to sign deals with companies outside the company procedure. He introduced NSSA to a company called Housing Corporation Zimbabwe (HCZ) which was eventually given a contract worth $300 million after only 1 week of existence. HCZ also received an advance payment of US $16 million in 2017 before starting the job.

Adam Molai

Position Held: Co-founder and director at Housing Corporation Zimbabwe

Role:  Together with South African, Stephen Duggan, formed the company called Housing Corporation Zimbabwe and after only 1 week received a contract from NSSA to construct 8,000 houses at a cost of $38,000 each. They also received $16 million advance payment in July. By the time the report was completed by BDO in 2018, the company had not delivered a single housing unit.

Elizabeth Chitiga

Position Held: Chief Executive Office at NSSA from July 2016 to March 2018.

Role: Chitiga was the chief executive of NSSA during most of the period where these corrupt activities in the report took place.

James Tirivani Chiuta

Position Held: Executive Assistant to the General Manager at NSSA

Emmerson Mungwariri

Position Held:  Chief Finance and Operations Officer from July 2016 to November 2017

Role:  Approved the issuance of some Treasury Bills to Metbank despite not getting approval rom the board. NSSA effectively lost most of the value of the TBs.

Belmont Ndebele

Position Held: Director at Metro Realty, MD at MetBank.

Role: Metro Realty made an off-take housing agreement with NSSA which potentially prejudiced NSSA of US $1.7 million.

Stephen Duggan

Position Held: Co-Founder and CEO of Housing Corporation Zimbabwe

Role: Hailing from South Africa, his one-week-old company in Zimbabwe got a $300 million contract to construct 8,000 houses. The company also got a US $16 million, advance payment but failed to deliver housing units as at the writing of the report.

After these findings, One of Zimbabwe’s most known Lawyers Advocate Thabani Mpofu has offered the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission to prosecute 3 of the biggest Corrupt Officials of their choosing from those implicated in these Audit Reports.

Thabani Mpofu is mostly known for representing Zimbabwe’s largest Opposition Party MDC in its case Election case against Zanu PF and ZEC during the disputed 2018 Election which saw Zanu PF winning the case.

Given Advocate Thabani Mpofu’s  proven record not looking at his 2018 representation of Nelson Chamisa, it would be in the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission’s interest to accept the offer which has been put on the table if they are really serious about these cases.

However, it would be of no Surprise if they turn this offer down. I mean, no one in the government has ever been really sent to prison since Mnangagwa became the new President of Zimbabwe in what he calls The New Dispensation.

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